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Version complète : Flying Kite + 50 mph Wind = NO YUO!!!
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I learned a valuable lesson this afternoon. Do not fly a kite in 50 mph winds. I broke the crap out of my kite. The wind around DC has been awesome today, solid 40 mph winds, with gusts at 50 mph. So I went to fly one of my stunt kite, a hobby. I took out my Flexifoil Matrix, a 104 "(8'8") competition kite triangle rated for 2-15mph, with 2 lines each rated for 150 lbs. I lost the standoffs, broke a line, and snapped the line. I managed to recover the kite, untangle the line, tie it back together, and find most of the standoffs. It almost took me off the ground a few times. I was flying with 2x 150 lb line, and it broke while it was dragging me. There goes $ 300 worth of kite.I'm just glad I did not take out one of my 10 'flexifoils with the pair of 300 lb line, I would have flown far.

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